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 Catastral notification - a rough translation

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Catastral notification - a rough translation Empty
PostSubject: Catastral notification - a rough translation   Catastral notification - a rough translation Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 12:57 pm

If anyone can come up with a better translation I will update this!

This notice is the result of the collective assessment of a partial nature that has taken place in your town. The property value to be notified is for the year 2007 has been calculated in accordance with the procedure stipulated by law, to the presentation of the municipality values published in the date indicated in this notice and will be updated by applying the ratio published in Act budget for the year 2008.

It was also reported together with taxable income and liquidable property tax, which coincide with the property tax value, as it is not applicable to any reduction.

Notice of the property tax value is not request for payment. The council will determine at the time the quota for the Property tax, which will be calculated by applying the tax rate agreed by the same basis liquidable listed in this notice, and considering, if appropriate, bonuses or exemptions are applicable.

The act is notified is not strong administratively.

In case of disagreement may be economic and administrative complaint before the Administrative Regional Economic Court within one month, counted from the day after its receipt. However, if the cadastral value of the property is more than 1,800,000 euros, may directly to the Economic Court Administrative Central.

With an optional nature and prior to that claim, it can also appeal for review by itself Management / Sub Management Cadastral at the same time, not being possible interposition of the two simultaneous resources.

The claim economic or administrative appeal indicated in any event should be directed to the Management / Sub Management of Property Register.

All of the above has its legal basis in the following rules:
-- Consolidation Act Cadastral real estate, approved by Royal Decree-Law 1 / 2004 of 5 March.
-- Consolidation Act Regulating Local Tax Authorities approved by the Royal Decree Law 2 / 2004 of 5 March.
-- Law 58/2003 of 17 December. General Tax.
-- Royal Decree 417/2006, April 7 (BOE April 24).
-- Royal Decree 520/2005 of 13 May (BOE May 27).
-- Royal Decree 1552/2004 of 25 June (BOE of June 26, 2004).
-- Order of October 14, 1998 (BOE October 20).
-- Order of December 18, 2000 (BOE December 27).
-- Order EHA/1213/2005, April 26 (BOE May 5).


There is a hotline through which one can obtain information of the properties of its ownership. In addition, through this service, you can arrange appointment to be attended in this Management / Sub Management.

To access this service, please call the number: 902 37 36 35, all working days from Monday to Friday inclusive, uninterrupted hours of 9.00 to 19.00 pm schedule peninsular.


Through the web page of Cadastre, www.catastro.mch.es, you can query the cadastral data as well as seek and obtain certificates cadastral and check its contents.


Details of the property.
Surface soil: corresponds to the total area of the property expressed in square meters. If the property is covered by the regime of horizontal division, this field is not filled.
Area: It corresponds to the surface of all premises and buildings which consists of the real estate. This surface is expressed in square meters built.
Coefficient of participation: it is the numerical expression of the involvement of the property received the property regime horizontally across the property.

Data valuation.
Unit value in area: is defined in euro / square metre of floor and completed when using this method of valuation.
MBC: equivalent to the basic module construction assigned to the municipality, expressed in euro / square meter.
MBR: is the basic module of land allotted to the impact of estate valuation, which is included in the property, as defined in euro / square meter.
Valuation site is a reference value which, although not directly applicable in the cadastral valuation, it comes to representing the circumstances middle of the site which houses the building.
Use: notes the various uses of the buildings mentioned above, such as: shelter, garage, store, swimming pool, trade, office, etc.
Surface: each use has a floor area which includes, where appropriate, the common elements that are appropriate.
Value impact on area: is for the use of each of the buildings located on the plot, as defined in euro / square meter.

Unit value of the construction is derived by multiplying the ratio by the MBC incumbent box coefficients of the value of constructions of the Technical Standards to be applied in connection with the proposed use. It is expressed in euro / square metre built.

Coefficients applied: will, if necessary, the weightings in land value and the value of construction, as well as those who apply jointly to the ground and the building.
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Posts : 217
Join date : 2007-07-21
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Catastral notification - a rough translation Empty
PostSubject: Re: Catastral notification - a rough translation   Catastral notification - a rough translation Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2008 12:35 pm

There are some errors with the letters received. Those on the intensive build have the land meterage for all of the plots on one letter and the corect meterage on the other letter. Others that have received 2 letters also have errors, and should receive only 1 letter. The Town Hall have informed us that 'someone from Alicante will be coming to explain the letters and sort out any errors'.
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Catastral notification - a rough translation
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