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 Electricity Billing

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PostSubject: Electricity Billing   Electricity Billing Icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 1:37 pm

The undernoted is, I think, a reasonable translation of the recent letter from our local electric company and may be helpful.

In summary, electricity will now be billed monthly. For Jan/Feb we have received two monthly bills - the Jan one is based on our power supply rating (potencia - normally either 5,5 KW or 7,7 KW) and the Feb one on our actual consumption over the whole of the 2 months. (Hijos de Manuel Peres SL have kindly totalled the separate bills for us).

From March, we will move to a different method of monthly billing, with the bills for Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov based on our consumption in that month the previous year and the bills for Apr Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec based on actual meter readings for the relevant current 2 months. It is not clear whether we will actually receive a bill in Mar etc or whether an account will be raised and sent out when the Apr etc bills are issued (as has happened for Jan/Feb).

(You may have noticed that has been an increase of 5.23% in electricity charges from January 2009 from 0.106888 to 0.112480 per KwH).

'Dear Customer,

As you will see, from this year, (electricity) billing is going to be monthly, by order of the industry ministry.

Lately, there have been complaints of fraud in invoices for electricity, (not being the case in our company). The complaints of fraud arose because the ministry does not require meters to be read every month (but they must be read every two months) and it was only necessary to make an estimate for the first month. If the price for any consumption above 500KwH* increased in the second month of the billing period, the bill for the second month, based on the actual reading, could be exaggerated.

Our company decided not to make an estimate of the meter reading for that reason, but because of the requirement for monthly billing we decided to invoice in January for power and in February for consumption, applying the discounts and the price set down in the ministerial order ITC/3801/2008 OF 26 DECEMBER.

From March there is a new ministry order to make estimated meter readings for this year based on the reading in the same month of the previous year. For example, last year the invoice for March/April 2008 was for 610 KwH. This is divided by 61 (the total number of days in March and April) and produces a consumption of 10KwH per day, which is multiplied by 31 (the number of days in March) to give a March consumption of 310KwH.

If data for last year is not available, the previous year's would be taken, and so on.

If you have any questions, contact the company'

Note. There is currently a surcharge of 0.027403 per KwH for any monthly consumption over 500 KwH
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Electricity Billing
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